This article describes the Truth or Dare game that was played on Sunday, February 28th, 2010.


Players: Bigez620, Calvin Coolidge, Lizcat68, Misstditylerfan, TDIFan13, Webkinz Mania

The game starts out with Webkinz Mania being the first person to Truth or Dare someone. Bigez620 is chosen, and when he chooses dare, Webkinz dares Bigez to make a blog post on the wiki about how awesome he is. Bigez creates the blog, and then asks Webkinz Mania back. Webkinz takes Truth, and Bigez asks him who he'd ban in this IRC if he had to ban someone, to which Webkinz cleverly answers that he'd ban himself. TDIFan13, seeing Webkinz as a possible threat, decides to start an alliance with him. Five minutes later, he starts three other alliances with Lizcat68, Bigez620, and Misstditylerfan. Both Lizcat and Bigez decide that MTDITF is a threat, so they separately tell TDIFan13 that they'd get her out. Webkinz also finds MTDITF as a threat, and all three tell TDIFan13 they'd target her.

Eventually, Webkinz Mania finds himself getting too predictable with dares, so he devises a scheme to get Lizcat out, not knowing that TDIFan13 is allied with her. When Webkinz asks Lizcat, she chooses dare, and he cleverly dares her not to use the letters "A" or "E" in a sentence for the rest of the game. A determined Lizcat does not quit the game, though she is eliminated when she accidentally types an "e" when daring MTDITF.

In the second round, Bigez asks MTDITF to choose between dating Calvin Coolidge, TDIFan13, Bbhinton15, or himself. MTDITF embarrassingly chooses TDIFan13, and then asks Webkinz, who chooses Truth. MTDITF asks him which male in the chatroom he has the most romantic feelings for besides himself, which shocks Webkinz. A minute later, someone named "Bob" appears in the chatroom, and Webkinz smugly says he has the most romantic feelings for Bob. However, TDIFan13 checks his IP address only to notice that Bob has the same IP as Webkinz, meaning that Webkinz is Bob. Webkinz is then eliminated because MTDITF told him to choose anyone but himself.

In the third round, the final four are excited to have made it so far. TDIFan13 still continues to have his alliance with Bigez and MTDITF, and starts to target Calvin. However, eventually, TDIFan13 notices that Bigez always chooses "dare", and therefore asks Bigez. In private chat, TDIFan13 deviously lies that he will simply ask Bigez to reveal how old he is, so Bigez chooses dare, and is surprised when TDIFan13 dares him not to use the letters "A", "D", "F", "G", "B", "I", "T", or "E" in a sentence until he is eliminated. Bigez has no choice but to forfeit, leaving the Final 3 to be Calvin Coolidge, Misstditylerfan, and TDIFan13.

During the fourth round, TDIFan13 is out of ideas, and can't think of a way to get Calvin eliminated, as Calvin always chooses "Truth". Eventually, TDIFan13 gets frustrated and asks Calvin if he has "erythrocytes" in his body. Calvin cleverly googles the word, and finds out that a "erythrocyte" is a red blood cell, and then answers yes to the question. Calvin then asks MTDITF who she is more romantically attracted to, TDIFan13 or Mygeto. MTDITF says she is not attracted to any of them, and then asks Calvin to choose between Truth or Dare. Calvin chooses Truth, and while MTDITF is trying to think of a good question, TDIFan13 cleverly comes up with a plan, and then private messages MTDITF, telling her to ask Calvin Coolidge if he has "neutrophil granulocyte" in his body. MTDITF repeats the question to Calvin, and when he says "Yes", TDIFan13 smugly tells him that he has "neutrophil granulocyte" in his body, not "neutrophil granulcyte". Calvin is then eliminated.

In the fifth round, Webkinz Mania, who is watching the game, complains that TDIFan13 only made it far by using him and Bigez. TDIFan13 does not deny this, and instead battles MTDITF in the final round of Truth or Dare. TDIFan13 asks MTDITF if she'd like to choose Truth or Dare, and she bravely chooses Dare, expecting the worst. This is what she ends up getting, as TDIFan13 uses the dare he used on Bigez on MTDITF. She forfeits, and TDIFan13 wins the very first game of Total Drama Truth or Dare.

===Elimination Order===
# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5
02 Misstditylerfan IN IN IN IN RUNNER-UP
03 Calvin Coolidge IN IN IN OUT
04 Bigez620 IN IN OUT
05 Webkinz Mania IN OUT
06 Lizcat68 OUT
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