This article describes the Truth or Dare game that was played on Friday, March 28th, 2010.


Players: NinjaIzzy, Courtney~Duncan~TDA, Mr._Totaldramaman, Ragingblaze592, Bigez620

The game starts out with Bigez620, getting the first pick. Ragingblaze592 is chosen by Bigez, and he chooses "Truth". Bigez then asks Ragingblaze which charcter he likes the most in TDI, to which Ragingblaze responds "Owen". However, Bigez remarks that there is no show named "TDI" and that's it Total Drama Island, and that there is no such thing as a charcter, there's a "character". Bigez then gets to go again, and asks CD-TDA "Truth or Dare". She responds "Truth" and Bigez asks her "What is the square of 36?", to which she responds "3,136", which is correct. She gets to go next and picks NinjaIzzy as her "victim". NinjaIzzy chooses dare, and quickly gets eliminated after CD-TDA dares her to not use the letters "MCBTOD" until she is eliminated from this Truth or Dare game. CD-TDA picks MTDM as her next target. MTDM picks "Truth", and CD-TDA asks her who his favorite user on the Total Drama Wiki is. He responds "Freehugs41", from the existing "Total Drama Wikia" (not this one). He gets to go next and asks CD-TDA "Truth or Dare". CD-TDA picks Truth and gets asked by MTDM how many rollbacks there was on July 2009 on the "TDWIKI". However, CD-TDA smugly remarks that there is no such thing as "TDWIKI", and gets to go next again. CD-TDA targets MTDM once again, and uses the same dare that she used on NinjaIzzy. MTDM says he won't use those letters by saying "*k*y". However, when it's his turn to ask someone "ToD", he can't do it and gets eliminated. However, he reveals he was in an alliance with Bigez. Bigez gets to go next since MTDM's dare still counted. He targets the only person left in the game: CD-TDA. He asks her "Truth or Dare", and she replies "Truth". She gets asked when Bigez started using his lime green font on the IRC and what date. CD-TDA replies she doesn't know and supposedly gets eliminated. Yet, CD-TDA complains that was an unfair dare since Bigez joined the wiki before her and that she didn't download the IRC until January, so the game gets re-started with Bigez and CD-TDA as the final two again. Bigez gets to go and asks CD-TDA how many edits she had January 19th, 2010. CD-TDA argues and says that is also an unfair question, causing her to get comments such as "crazy A-type" or "Courtney-like lunatic". She ultimately responds that there's not a number named "19th", but there is one named "19". Bigez, hestitates, but ultimately lets CD-TDA go next. CD-TDA asks Bigez "Truth or Dare", and he chooses "Truth". CD-TDA asks Bigez if he has a "thorrax", and he says he does not, but he does have a "thorax". Bigez gets go and CD-TDA chooses "Truth". Bigez asks CDTDA how many edits she had on January 19th, 2010. However, she replies there is no user named "CDTDA", but there is one named "Courtney~Duncan~TDA". CD-TDA goes next, and Bigez chooses "Truth" for the thousandth time. CD-TDA asks Bigez what his favorite user on the "Total. Drama Wiki" is, yet he responds there is no "Total. Drama Wiki". After that question, however, Bigez gets disconnected and despite MTDM's pleads for him to come back, he doesn't come back. CD-TDA then declares herself the March 28 Truth or Dare winner and triumphs over the other people she defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • CD-TDA played the antagonist role in this unofficial episode of Truth or Dare.
    • She is the second person to win ToD, despite being an antagonist. The other was TDIFan13.
  • MTDM and Bigez formed an alliance.
    • CD-TDA and NinjaIzzy formed an alliance, yet it never came into play.

Elimination Order

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6
01 Courtney~Duncan~TDA IN IN IN IN IN WINNER
03 Mr._Totaldramaman IN IN IN IN OUT
04 NinjaIzzy IN IN IN OUT
05 Ragingblaze592 IN IN OUT

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