This article describes the Truth or Dare game that was played on Friday, March 12th, 2010.


Players: Bigez620, Courtney~Duncan~TDA, CrashMan 85, Mr. Totaldramaman, NinjaIzzy, Ragingblaze592, TDIFan13

The game starts out with CrashMan 85 being the first person to Truth or Dare someone. Mr. Totaldramaman is chosen, and when he chooses truth, Crash asks him who his least favorite user in the chatroom is, to which MTDM replies that it is Ragingblaze592 due to the fact that he doesn't know him too well. MTDM then asks NinjaIzzy, who is dared to create the blog about how awesome MTDM and Bigez620 are. By this time, Courtney~Duncan~TDA has already formed an alliance with MTDM, Bigez, and TDIFan13. Once she creates the blog, she asks TDIFan13 who in the chatroom he's most attached to. TDIFan13 picks Crash, since she never said "romantically". After some thought, TDIFan13 picks Bigez, who picks Truth. TDIFan13 asks Bigez what the first thing he typed when he entered the IRC was, and when he answered "Hello", TDIFan13 replied by saying that he said "Hello" followed by a smilie face. This renders Bigez as eliminated.

TDIFan13 gets to Truth or Dare someone again, and he chooses MTDM. When MTDM picks Truth, TDIFan13 asks him "what MTDM's first contribution to the Total Drama Island Wikia was". MTDM says his first contribution was on Misstditylerfan's talk page, but TDIFan13 says that there is no user named "MTDM", and even if he did say "Mr. Totaldramaman", MTDM's actual first edit was on Misstditylerfan's userpage. MTDM reveals all his alliances that he was in (CD-TDA's, Bigez's, and TDIFan13's) before elimination.

In the third round, TDIFan13 asks Ragingblaze what his first contribution to the Total Drama Roleplay Wikia was, and when Ragingblaze replies it was "The Screaming Actors" page, TDIFan13 corrects him by saying that his first contribution was to the "Screaming Actors" page, not to the "The Screaming Actors" page. Once Ragingblaze is eliminated, TDIFan13 targets CD-TDA by asking her who the best rollback on the Total Drama Wiki is. In order to please him, CD-TDA says "TDIFan13", but he gets her out by saying that "TDIFan13" is a rollback on the Total Drama Island Wiki, not the Total Drama Wiki.

The fifth round is ultimately the round that causes TDIFan13's elimination, because Crash asks who TDIFan13's favorite admine is. Since TDIFan13 says he doesn't have one instead of correcting Crash, he is automatically out, leaving the final two to be CrashMan 85 and NinjaIzzy. After NinjaIzzy proclaims that she must go, Crash is automatically the "default winner", and he triumphs over the rest in the Truth or Dare game held on March 12th, 2010.

===Elimination Order===
# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6
01 CrashMan 85 IN IN IN IN IN WINNER
04 Courtney~Duncan~TDA IN IN IN OUT
05 Ragingblaze592 IN IN OUT
06 Mr. Totaldramaman IN OUT
07 Bigez620 OUT
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